Unit Occupancy


This report shows a Unit by Unit breakdown of Occupancy.  It shows units with arrivals, departures, stay overs, back to back bookings, and empty dates.









Start Date Date Yes The first date of the range within a reservation for the specified unit.
End Date Date Yes The last date of the range within a reservation for the specified unit.
Unit Name Multi Select No The name of the specified Unit.
Lodging Type Multi Select No The type of lodging that is available.
Unit Status Single Select No Check Yes or No to view Active and Inactive Units.
Locations Multi Select No The location of a specified unit.
Roles Multi Select No The role assigned to the specified unit.

Data Dictionary

Column Name Data Type Description Example
Unit Name String The name of the Unit. Unit #1
Date Range Date

Each date in the selected range will provide the status of the unit:

A = Arrival

D = Departure

S = Stay Over

B = Block

DA = Back to Back Booking (Departure and Arrival)

- = Empty Unit



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