How to setup amenities

Here are the steps to setup your amenities in Track:

Location: Config > PMS Setup tab > Amenities


Once you click on Amenities you will see a list of all your existing system amenities


To add a new amenity click the '+ Amenity' button.

On the 'Add Amenity' page fill out all required fields and press save:


Name: Amenity Name

Category: Select category that applies.

Homeaway Type
If you enable a unit with the Homeaway channel, only amenties that are mapped to a Homeaway type will be passed with the unit profile. Not all Homeaway sites will display all amenity types.

If you do not want a particular amenity visible on Homeaway, do not select a Homeaway type.

PMS Filter: Can this amenity be used to filter units within the PMS?

Public Filter: Allows amenity to be used as a filter in within IRM and CMS plugins.

Visible to Public: Controls visibility of amenity on public unit profiles.

Amenities defined here can be mapped to units, unit types and nodes. Each amenity requires a name and a category.



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